Huli Singsing Papua New Guinea
Kent and Michelle Mundhenk have been called to teach God's Word to the people of Papua New Guinea.  Please explore this website to learn more about the ministry.
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Off to Sikor

Before Alicia was even back here in Ukarumpa she was elected class co-representative to the student council. One of her and the other rep’s first ideas was to go to a village for a ministry trip. Tomorrow morning Alicia and I are off to Sikor (see-core) village with the rest of the 10th grade where Alicia and her classmates have planned several days of ministry to children of all ages (you can bet several adults will join in). Tomorrow we will be driving for up to eight hours to get there on some pretty rough roads… four-wheel drive is required! The students will spend the next few days involved in everything from skits to Bible stories to games. Then next Monday we drive back. The village has no running water or power (save for a couple small generators run periodically), but there is a cell tower on the hill behind them! So I’ll be posting to Facebook on our ministry page. Just click the link below to see the latest!

We are now posting frequently to Mundhenk’s Ministry on Facebook. 

PNG Landscapes
Merry Christmas, To You

"Although it's been said many times, many ways..." Christmas is the same year after year, but it is never the same. It comes the same season, the same month, and the same day every year, but children grow older... we grow older. This year marks a significant change in the celebration of Christ's birth as Daniel and Stefanie are 10,000 miles away. We miss them and the rest of our extended families and it is that way with many of the missionary families around us. If we were to celebrate Christmas the same way we normally do the missing members would add a pall to the festivities, so this year we're doing something different...

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Los Angeles to Seattle... via Atlanta?!

Before the advent of the hub and spoke system in airline travel, a route like this would have been sheer lunacy. This may not be a bad business model for airlines, but it is terrible in Bible translation! Unfortunately, the "hub language" system persists in translation efforts around the world and the hub language in PNG is English. Most of the New Testaments in this country have been translated from English into the local language and many things that would translate directly are lost. And, what makes it worse is that national translators have learned English as a second, third, fourth, or even fifth language! It is clear that the further you get from the original language, the more molted the meaning....

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