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Missions and Christmas Print E-mail
Written by Kent Mundhenk   
Saturday, 01 December 2007

Each year, about two weeks before Christmas, it becomes fruitless to contact churches. The buildings are being decorated, productions are being practiced and season-oriented sermons are being produced. These things are not wrong yet it seems the focus of most Christmas activities by the church are for the church.


How odd it is that missions is pushed aside during this time of year when one considers that Christ was sent from God to the world as the preeminent and perfect missionary. Christmas is all about missions – the cosmic mission of God to redeem the world. I wonder if any Christmas productions have been written with that theme. It could tell the story of how God’s Son left his home culture to go to one that was vastly different. Moreover, just as Christ approached the new culture as a child to learn its ways and its language, so must a missionary. And, as Christ multiplied His efforts by teaching several men to follow God’s commands, the missionary’s job is to do the same. Maybe it could be titled “The Messiah, the Missionary.”

We're Getting Closer! Print E-mail
Written by Kent Mundhenk   
Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A couple weeks ago we went to a small church in Tulsa, OK to tell the people there about the work God is doing in Papua New Guinea. Besides my wife and I there were 12 people: one couple with their five sons (that’s seven), his uncle and aunt (plus two makes nine), her mother and two men (that makes a dozen)! By the end of the day both couples and the elderly lady had chosen to support this work for a total of $100 a month! Not only that, I just got an email adding $25 to that total! God is so amazing.

One thing we've learned is that we never know were God's provision will come from! We are down to needing just $505 a month and once that is secured we will buy our tickets – visas permitting. That may seem like a lot but really it's only 21 individuals or churches at $25 a month and right now there are several considering this work. We don't know which ones God will use to supply the need but we know He will!

Welcome! Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 12 November 2007

WELCOME! I'm so glad you are visiting our website. This site is in the process of change. We are going to be adding content all the time including blog entries and photos. The fun part is, this won't stop when we leave! We will continue to add things so check back often.

Right now we're coming to the end of a long fall of raising support. After this weekend there are only a couple more church visits in the works for this year. We hope that is all it will take and our support will be in. Right now our tenative departure date is 30 days after the rest of our support is secure.

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