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Early Friday morning a first-year student was awakened to find his wife having convulsions. He tried to calm her down but she was gasping for breath. He ran to his friend's house and asked for help and they both ran back to the house. The convulsions were subsiding, but it was because she was dying...

They straightened her out to open her airway, but she was still gasping. They quickly called the health workers here on campus who rushed to the house. They tried CPR... but it was too late. She was gone.

As the people of CLTC gathered around the body to express their grief more details came out. This lady was healthy. Thursday she was playing basketball and volleyball. She signed up to go to some college sports this weekend. She was a student in the wives’ program and was well-liked. She had no health problems… now her husband and son are grieving. This will be a huge challenge to the students’ faith. Earlier this year we buried a first-year student’s newborn son, now a first-year student’s wife. The students have seen the death and destruction that satanic forces wreak, some fear it has followed them here. They know God is all-powerful… so why did He let this happen? This question transcends cultures. God gave created beings a free will. It is sad when that gift is used for evil.
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