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The first two months were consumed teaching a course on the whole New Testament to national Bible translators and church leaders. People in Papua New Guinea are oral learners and as such they love stories. I wanted to show those attending this course that the whole New Testament is a story, not just the first few books...

I had a total of five weeks to pull this off. I finished the 79-page course notebook on the Saturday before class and on Monday we launched into the events surrounding the birth of Christ. We spent the first week-and-a-half walking through His life because, after all, He is the Story. Over the following week-and-a-half we walked with the apostles in the book of Acts and covered the other books of the New Testament written during the time Acts covers. The final two weeks were spent finishing the story ending with the death of John.

It was a great time spending all day getting to know a few men and ladies quite well and covering almost 100 years of of history. Each book was taught in the order it was likely written with the story furnishing the background as to whom the book was written and some of the reasons why. The students saw the New Testament not as some weird collection of interesting statements but rather as an epic novel seen through the eyes of those who lived it. The students have taken what they learned back to their homes to teach others. The story lives on....

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