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Christian Leaders’ Training College (CLTC) has a small campus in the coastal city of Lae, PNG’s second largest town. They have classes Monday to Thursday evening since many of the students work and I had the privilege to teach two courses concurrently, each lasting eight weeks.  My schedule was to ride my motorcycle four hours to cover the 150 miles from Ukarumpa to Lae on Monday morning, do some shopping and get ready for class by 6 PM…

Class lasted till 8 PM after which I was beat! But, it was great. The students were eager to learn and they did not keep it to themselves. On Friday I rode back to Ukarumpa to spend the weekend with my family; meanwhile, several of the students were preparing to teach what they had learned either at a women’s Bible study or a youth convention. That’s what I live for, to hear that the Word of God is spreading throughout the country!

Most of the motorcycle rides were uneventfully long… and painful. A dirt bike is not outfitted for comfort as there is amazingly little padding on the seat. Additionally, my helmet was not desigmed to have 55 MPH wind pushing it onto my forehead for long periods of time! One Friday my trip back to Ukarumpa was cut short when I hit a nasty pothole and busted the rear wheel right off the axle at the hub. I was pretty sure I was going down but God cupped His hands around me and guided the bike to a safe stop on the side of the road. Almost immediately He provided an empty truck to load the bike onto and get me home. On top of that, He used the motorcycle mechanic at Ukarumpa to have my bike ready to return to Lae on Monday! He is amazing! 

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