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One of the larger items on our ‘To Do’ list for home assignment (previously known as “furlough”) is “doctors’ visits.” We know of no optometrists or dental hygienists in PNG and specialists don’t often hang out a shingle over there! While I was taking classes the tuition payments absorbed all  available funds with only enough left for the absolute necessities. This summer we finally broke down and tried to get a few of the necessities taken care of and almost every doctor we’ve been to has referred us to another!


My eyes were first where a simple visit to an optometrist landed me on a gurney for cataract removal by an eye surgeon. Since that procedure annihilated our deductible, Michelle went to a doctor to see what could be done to help her with her fibromyalgia pain. She has now been to everything from a podiatrist to an oncologist! Really! They were trying to figure out exactly what was causing the pain and aside from a torn tendon (therefore the podiatrist), all they have been able to do is rule things out (like cancer). In the end it looks like it will be a diagnosis of exclusion which they are now calling an “undifferentiated connective tissue disease.”


What does that mean? The simple answer is, “it hurts!” What is the prognosis? Ouch! What is the treatment? Whatever works! It is now simply a matter of finding what medications help, and which ones we can afford. No matter where in the world we live she will hurt. However, God has not called us to live easy, pain-free lives. He’s called us to be His servants and we’ll do that no matter where He places us on this planet… even Papua New Guinea!

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