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…In that order. The last time we went through this process, it took nine months to obtain the documents needed to live in Papua New Guinea. In 2008 we had planned to return to PNG in January but my work permit took almost six months by itself.  So, this time we are starting nine months early. This time around we have several things in our favor…

First, and most importantly, we are starting early! It never took more than a few weeks before, but now we know.  Second, and almost as importantly, we have helping us a person who works on travel documents pretty much full-time. SIL is a big organization with missionaries traveling in and out of Papua New Guinea from many other countries on a monthly basis. That person knows what they are doing and knows all the right people, and according to her estimates we should have our documents in hand by the end of January. However, it is not uncommon for some to take several months longer than expected. We are praying that ours are here well before our planned departure in July.

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