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Even though we are back in Papua New Guinea we still need to purchase a few items. What follows is a current list of the items we need and how much they will cost were applicable. If you would like to purchase something for us, you can send the money for the item to Pioneers and then let us know so we can take the item you've providd off the list.

  • Motorcycle boots
    • Previous ones destroyed in accident
    • $45
  • Bread maker
    • Standard bread can be bought in-country but making it ourlelves saves money (and it taste better!)
    • Also used for many things that cannont be purchased: tortillas, pizza crust, bread rolls (which we sell to suplement support)
    • $160 (must be 240 volt so sending one from the US won't work)
Last Updated ( Friday, 19 July 2013 )
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