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Friday, 11 January 2013

One of the things the Apostle Paul enjoyed doing was to take common words and give them new meanings. For instance, throughout classical Greek literature, the word ecclesia (ek – leh – SEE – ah) simply means a gathering, or assembly. However, by the time Paul wrote the second book of the New Testament (chronologically this was likely 1 Thessalonians), the word had attained a new meaning. It was not just any gathering, but a gathering of believers. Today we call this the “church”.


This is precisely why we visit churches; these are the places people who are interested in seeing the Great Commission fulfilled come together. For the next four months we are presenting the work that God is doing in Papua New Guinea to at least one gathering each Sunday. This will take us to several towns and cities in Texas and Oklahoma, as well as Kansas (Kansas City area), Illinois (Chicago), Wisconsin, The D.C. area, and Pennsylvania! We want as many people as possible to hear about God’s work so that they will give him glory! If you want to join us I can give you the closest location.

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