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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

When it comes to rapidly depreciating items, the most economical solution is to buy a good one and then run it into the ground! This is true for new cars, and new computers. Before we first went to Papua New Guinea, laptops had become one of the tools of the trade. Bible translation, teaching, correspondence, ordering supplies, all assisted by computers. Twenty one years ago we bought our first computer and since then we have owned one used, and several new laptops. Aside from one that was stolen, we have watched each of them meet their ultimate demise. We have come to that place once again...


Since my Bible study software demands consistently greater processing speeds, I had planned to upgrade shortly before we leave in July. At that time Michelle would get my current computer (it is more than adequate for her needs). However, that schedule has been moved up! A few weeks ago, after four and a half years in service, Michelle's computer died. The glorious thing is that God had already provided the money to meet this need! Last Friday I ordered my new computer and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival - especially Michelle!

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