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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Way back in the fall of 2006, during the last semester of my M.A. program, I took Hebrew 1. I did so primarily because I wanted to be able to read technical commentaries of the Old Testament without my eyes glazing over! It was hard, but I loved it. So even though I had graduated, I enrolled in Hebrew 2 as a conference course the spring of 2007. Good idea, bad timing. Continuing with Hebrew would be a great help in teaching; but we were suddenly off visiting churches, then packing up, then leaving for the field. Hebrew went to the back burner. Until October of 2010 that is, when I was asked to help teach a course in Hebrew to national translators of the Old Testament....


Suddenly I was brushing up on what I had learned, and seeing just how much I lacked. The nice thing about a conference course is that there are no time limits. So, in January of last year I restarted Hebrew 2. I've worked on it steadily. Four hours a day at first. Then, as I needed time to contact churches and visit them, I scaled back to two hours a day. Finally, after a year, I turned in all my assignments (about 150 pages). I'm still waiting to see what my grade will be, but, the little understanding of the language I now have, I will not allow to escape!

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