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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Passports… Check.

Work Permits… Check!


In 2008, the last time we were headed to Papua New Guinea, it took us almost seven months to get this far in the paperwork process. This time it has only taken only three. We started the process back in December by applying for new passports. They arrived in January. Then in February we filled out applications and gathered all the necessary documents for our work permits into one package, and sent that over to Papua New Guinea. In March - this month - we received word that the work permits had been approved! Now all we have left are visas...


We have already gathered the documents needed to apply for visas, and they are sitting on our dresser... waiting. Before we can send this package to the PNG Embassy in D.C., the request needs to be lodged in the capital city of Port Moresby. That should happen the 1st of April. If all goes well then we could have all our documents in-hand by the end of the month. That gives us just enough time to book flights. If all goes well, we should be winging our way to Papua New Guinea in early July!

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