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Friday, 19 April 2013

In Isaiah 49 God proclaims that there will be one who comes before the Messiah to "prepare the way of the Lord." In that day, when a king came to visit, a forerunner was sent out so that the people could work on the road lest those carrying the throne on their shoulders should stumble and drop the king. Things would not go well for those who failed to prepare the way for their lord. However, God is fond of switching things around. How amazing is it that it is God who prepares the way for His servants? For us, we see God's hand in our meetings and travels. But it doesn't end there...

We also see God preparing the way for us to return to Papua New Guinea. Our visas are in processing and we have been given several one-time gifts so that we can purchase most of the items we need to take back with us. We also have funds for plane tickets. There is only one thing we lack: monthly support. Right now we are short $787 a month. We know that God does not want everyone to partner with us. We also know that if everyone He does want to give joins in, we will have the support we need. We have found that if we make the need known, people will join us in the work He is doing PNG. Will you join us?

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