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Thursday, 02 May 2013

After renewing our passports in January and receiving our work permits in March, we were able to apply for the document the whole process was building up to: visas. On Monday I called the Embassy of Papua New Guinea and was told that their approval had not yet come from PNG. I sent some emails to opposite sides of the world to have people look into it. On Tuesday I received three emails: one said that the approval had come, another told me that approval had come shortly after I called the embassy, and the third was from FedEx. The visas were literally "in the mail." Today they arrived and thus we begin a whole venture...

There are several travel agencies that have access to special fares for humanitarian travel... missionary work qualifies. Once we received the passports back, and I verified they each had the proper visa inside, I called or emailed all these companies requesting quotes. Now we wait and see. They can't all offer the same rates, and the best route may go through Los Angeles and Australia, or London and Singapore. Prices are on the rise but we are hoping that someone will be able to secure flights which get us there without needing to find more money!

Prayer Point: Please pray that God will provide flights with fares substantially lower than what we can get commercially

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