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Friday, 17 May 2013

Those were the words on the side of the mobile office bearing my insurance company's name. As I pulled up to the bus I was filled with thoughts of what might have been, and for others, what was. Wednesday, two severe weather systems were moving from west to east; one was tracking over Fort Worth and Dallas, and the other was to the south, bearing down on where we live: Granbury. I was on my way to the Dallas / Fort Worth airport to pick up Daniel when I began hearing the reports of tornados and grapefruit-sized hail being produced by northern storm. As soon as Daniel was in the car we began heading west, right into the storm....


I was tracking the weather systems on my phone and there was a space between them. I wanted to get there. Meanwhile, the county Granbury is in was put under a tornado warning, meaning radar showed conditions for the likely formation of a tornado. Michelle had picked up Stefanie from college earlier so they huddled in our closet (Alicia was at church). Daniel and I made it and although the rain was coming in torrents, we were away from danger, but we were listening to the radio listing various reports of twisters. It seems that before the tornado touched down just four miles from our front door, destroying more than 50 homes and killing six people, it began its formation less than a mile away from our house. We may need a new roof, but our family and our home are still intact.


Prayer Point: Please pray for those affected by the storm, and praise Him for his protection.


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