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Monday, 03 June 2013

One of the benefits of moving back and forth overseas is the lack of junk cluttering our lives. Each time we move we go through everything we own, and if something is not worth storing for three years, out it goes. In general, people will fill all available storage space before taking action. For us, there is freedom in seeing empty shelves! We have now set about the task of extricating as much stuff as possible from our lives....

The hard part is determining what we will actually use in three years. When we unpacked in July of 2011, I found a VCR. Three years ago we had video tapes, now we only have DVDs. I also discovered a phone… the kind you plug into the wall. Cell phones are more practical for us as we travel around the country. So, what other technology will become obsolete by 2016? Add to this decisions about clothing, furniture, appliances… packing can quickly become a daunting task. However, one thing is for certain: when we are done, we will not be encumbered by “things”!

Prayer Point: Please pray for us as we make decisions on what to keep, what to donate, and what to pitch.

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