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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

This signifies more than just the publishing of a domain on the web. It is the official beginning of a coordinated training program under a new name, and the foundation upon which a larger institution can be built. When we return to Papua New Guinea, this is school at which I will be teaching: Pacific Institute of Languages, Arts and Translation (PILAT)....

If you go to the website (www.pngtraining.sil.ac.pg) you will see that a large portion of the training already taking place is for the purpose of equipping Papua New Guinean nationals to translate the Bible into their own language. The ideal is that these students would first go to a school where they can obtain a solid biblical foundation and then learn the process of translation. However, the demand for teaching goes far beyond that which can be supplied. The result is that not only are national translators woefully undertrained, so are pastors and other leaders in the church. That is why God has placed us at PILAT, to expand the biblical studies offered and help teach a whole new generation of Christian workers!


Prayer Point: Please pray that God would pave the way for more Bible training in PNG.

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