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Sunday, 30 June 2013

A one-year supply of medication paid for up front: $700. One night for three in a hotel in PNG: $400. Travel once we get to PNG: $700. These are just the major expenses that we already know about. What are not included are the myriad of minor expenses we can only guess at which will add up very quickly. Travel in the US is expensive. Travel in conjunction with a move is even more expensive here. But, international travel in conjunction with an international move... Oh, my!

One of the phrases I began using years ago is, “Working in Papua New Guinea is great, but the commute is a killer!” This applies not only to packing up before we leave, the actual plane ride to PNG, and setting up once we get there, it also applies to the cost of all those tasks. We are so glad that God has called us to live and work in PNG, but it is a very costly task. We asked before if you would prayerfully consider giving towards the monthly need. Now we would like to ask that you pray and ask if God would have you give a one-time gift to help us get there.

Prayer Point: Please pray that God would compel those He wants to give to do so.

If you would like to give online, click here. To send a check, click here.

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