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Sunday, 07 July 2013

We are frequently asked how we are feeling as we leave for PNG. Are we excited? Very! We are looking forward to being back in PNG. Even though our specific location changes, the country is still our home. Furthermore, it is where God wants to use us, and that's fun (especially teaching!). But that is not the only emotion we feel because Granbury, Texas is also our home. God has placed us in a church in which we can serve. We have friends here - more than ever, it seems. We have family here, a many memories. For these reasons, leaving is harder...

Every other time we have left for PNG it has been our family as one cohesive unit moving to the other side of the world. We were raising our children to be responsible adults and to follow the Lord, but we were still together. We have succeeded, God has used us to raise great kids and now we will leave two of them behind. We know many people who have not been so blessed: missionary friends with a son who won't grow up or a young daughter who comes home pregnant. Other people are even less fortunate with a child they haven't even spoken to in years. All of them are great people and great parents, but with sorrow. We are leaving behind two stellar kids who are growing into adults that He is, and will continue to, use for His purposes. It hurts because we will miss them so much... but for all the right reasons!

Prayer Point: Please pray for us as we get on the plane today and leave for PNG.

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