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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Bible is full of divine reversals. It begins with the Garden of Eden. Long ago, when kings ruled, they would have their servants plant a garden. It was solely for the pleasure of the king although a particularly gracious king might allow the servants who tended the garden to eat the fruit of one tree. In the first divine reversal, the King and Creator of the universe planted a garden for the pleasure of his servants. They were to tend it and they could eat of every tree but one. Additionally, if a king was to travel, his servants and subjects would go out and prepare the road for his arrival. They would flatten the hills, straighten the curves, and smooth the surface lest his throne bearers stumble. In divine reversal, our King prepares the way for us...

When I needed to fly to get to meetings in the US, I normally took Southwest, which does not reserve seats. In the hustle of departure I actually forgot to reserve seats until too late to get seats together. We left for the airport shortly after 1:30 pm so we could check in early. We were told that the airline holds a large block of seats and they might be able to get us seats together. It worked! We were able sit together all the way through. That was a huge help, for Michelle especially. God prepared the way. After a 3-hour flight to LA, a 5-hour layover, a 14 hour flight to Brisbane, a 3-hour layover, and a 3 ½ flight to Port Moresby, we were again on PNG soil, and somebody from the hotel was waiting for us. God prepared the way.  Elapsed time so far: 33 hours. After a wonderful night of sleep we headed back to the airport for a flight that would get us to Goroka. Here a fellow missionary was waiting for us and he told us that we needed to do as much shopping in Goroka as we could (good thing two years earlier we purposely brought several hundred dollars' worth of the local currency [Kina] home with us). . God prepared the way. Finally, we headed to Ukarumpa arriving an hour and a half later. And here our room in the guest house was waiting for our arrival! God prepared the way. Total elapsed time: 60 hours. The PNG tourism motto is: The Land of the Unexpected. We experienced that! You don't expect all those plans to come together flawlessly here, unless, God prepared the way!

Prayer Point: Please pray for us as continue to get settled in.

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