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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

While I was at CLTC there was a gang in a nearby village that seemed to take special pleasure in stealing from the campus. The gang was led by the notorious Michael. Through outreaches from the college Michael became a Christian and in short order started a Bible study (asking teachers from the college to do the lessons), was baptized, and began leading his gang in an about face. He is now in Bible school. Enter the notorious Terrence. He is Ukarumpa's counterpart in almost every way....

2010-2011 was one of the most dangerous times in the history of the station here. A gang from the village after which the mission station is named became increasingly brazen in their attacks, even breaking into houses while people were home. We were here at that time, but after we left, there were outreaches and revival swept through the village. One of those carried along in the rush was Terrence. Terrence was the leader of the offending gang and was responsible for numerous break-ins. One theft included several computers belonging to national translators, one of which belonged to Auwi. A few days ago Terrence made a planned visit to offer a formal apology to the Training Centre, and to Auwi. (If you wish to see a photo, go to our page on Facebook: Mundhenk’s Ministry) Auwi had long since decided if the loss of his computer helped to bring about the salvation of a soul, then it was small price to pay. Terrence now spends his nights patrolling around the station to keep others from doing what he once did!


Prayer Point: Terrence wants to take some courses here but he has only a 1st grade education. He can understand English but he cannot read or write in any language. There are a number of trained ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors here. Pray that Terrence might be able to begin his education there.

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