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"Although it's been said many times, many ways..." Christmas is the same year after year, but it is never the same. It comes the same season, the same month, and the same day every year, but children grow older... we grow older. This year marks a significant change in the celebration of Christ's birth as Daniel and Stefanie are 10,000 miles away. We miss them and the rest of our extended families and it is that way with many of the missionary families around us. If we were to celebrate Christmas the same way we normally do the missing members would add a pall to the festivities, so this year we're doing something different...

After we open the gifts that Daniel, Stefanie and my mom sent from the US (while Skyping!), we will cook as usual and then carry it all across the road to be with three other families. There will be 17 of us ranging in age from 2 to 52 and we will all enjoy a wonderful meal together. Christmas traditions can change, but the one thing that must remain the same is the reason for Christmas. This year we will celebrate his birth... like never before!


Prayer Point: We must never forget that god's sacrifice far exceeds our own... no matter how much we miss our loved ones.

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