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As missionaries we rely on the generous gifts of God people to do the work He has given us to do. We recognize that people give because God has prompted them to do so and they are obeying His urging.

Right now we are about $100 short in monthly support.   If you feel God prompting you to give on a regular basis, we would love it if you would join us in this venture!

We are still in need of one-time gifts. Not only do they make up for the shortfall in monthly support, we still have a few one-time setup related expenses. We have one planeload of stuff to move from our previouse house and one stolen mattresses to replace.

If you would like to join us in Teaching God’s Word to the People of Papua New Guinea through giving there are three options listed here.


Option one: Send a check.

Make a check out to "Pioneers" and enclose a note reading "For Kent & Michelle Mundhenk, Account no. 110143. Send this to:
10123 William Carey Dr.
Orlando, FL  32832

Pioneers will send a receipt back to you along with a response slip and envelope for your next gift.


Option two: Sign up to give automatically

If you would like to have Pioneer automatically withdraw your monthly gift just fill out the attached form and send it in to Pioneers.  You can enclose your first gift with it if you'd like.

Click here to get the form >>

Option three: Give online

Give via credit card at Pioneers secure site.   Just fill in the information and you are done!

Click here to go to Pioneers secure contribution page >>

For more options click here>>

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