Get Us to the Airport On Time!

That was our fervent prayer but it wasn't looking good! The afternoon started out well; we left the house right at 1:15 PM to make our 4:35 PM flight... plenty of time. We left that early knowing that our string of flights was much like a chain: one link breaks and the whole thing falls apart. However, about 20 minutes away from the airport we hit a traffic jam. That was at about 2:30 PM so we figured... no problem. An hour later and only a couple miles closer "no problem" was definitely NOT what we were thinking...


Instead we were calling people who were calling others asking them to pray that God would get us to the airport on time. We finally got to a place we could take an alternate route only to find we weren't the only ones going that way! (We also found out that the freeway had been shut down due to an accident!) It took us another 15 minutes to get back on track and we finally made it to the airport at about 4:10 PM.

We made a mad dash to the ticket counter hoping they'd let us jump in. No such luck... the one lady at the counter bluntly told us to go to the back of the line. We ran that way and found a much more helpful person. She pointed us to the e-ticket check-in kiosks. Right... I'd forgotten! However, our six-digit record locater number had letters in it and I could only enter numbers! Help! It's now 4:15 and we haven't even looked at the security line! The lady at the kiosks took over, entered another number and got the process started. We had to scan passports, confirm this and enter that... it's now edging towards 4:20... she hits Enter the last time... we wait... "Confirm information before printing boarding passes"... checking the information... departure time... WHAT?!!... 6:00 PM!!!! The flight is delayed! All this time we'd been praying that God would get us to the airport on time when He had it covered by giving us more time to make the flight! We had a mini-praise service right there! The chain was not broken and we are back.